Would you like to learn Dutch or improve your skills?


Whether you are a beginner starting out with the basics or want to advance your reading, writing, listening and speaking, you are at the right place to learn Dutch.


NTC School De Brug Portland offers Dutch language classes at various levels. Lessons will take place online. There will also be monthly social gatherings in the Portland metro area to meet fellow students and practice Dutch together. Besides working on your Dutch language skills, you will explore Dutch and Flemish culture as well.


Teachers and accredited teaching method

Our qualified teachers are native speakers with a passion for teaching Dutch as a foreign language. The accredited teaching method that will be used is Contact! nieuw, which is developed by Radboud in’to Languages, the center of expertise for language and communication of Radboud University Nijmegen. We will use the digital version of Contact! nieuw. 

Details of the language classes

When: Lessons will be offered per semester, one semester starting in September, one in January / February. Each semester consists of 16 weekly lessons. Lessons will be on Monday or Tuesday evenings, from 7pm until 8:30pm. On the registration form preference for Monday or Tuesday can be marked. Monthly social gatherings to further practice Dutch will be organized, these will take place in the weekend. 


The calendars for the first semester, for the Monday and Tuesday classes, can be found below.

Tulip Fields

Where: Lessons will take place online through Zoom, monthly social gatherings will be in the Portland metro area.


Tuition: The tuition is $450 per semester. Included are:

  • weekly online lessons by a qualified teacher

  • availability of teacher during the week, for questions

  • monthly social gatherings

  • additional teaching materials besides Contact! nieuw


Materials: Digital version of Contact! nieuw, the textbook and workbook, to be purchased by the participant. You will receive information on how to purchase this before the course starts. Costs are appr. $50 for Contact! nieuw.


We offer classes in different levels. 


Absolute beginner: No prior courses in Dutch, nor other experience with the Dutch language.


Beginner: You took a basic Dutch course or acquired sufficient knowledge to participate in simple conversations. 


Intermediate: You are comfortable expressing yourself in a variety of everyday situations and are looking to expand your knowledge by learning more complex language constructs. 


Advanced: You are comfortable in more complex conversations, can discuss current affairs and are ready to significantly expand your vocabulary.

If desired, participants can work towards obtaining a Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language (CnaVT), A2 Maatschappelijk informeel. The CNaVT certifies language proficiency of Dutch as a foreign language worldwide, using task based and domain specific exams related to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  Please let us know if this is your goal.                  

At the end of each semester, you will have deepened your Dutch language skills and depending on progress will be ready to advance to the next level. Your teacher will evaluate this together with you.



You can now register for the semester starting in September 2021. To register, please click on the link below. After registration and before the start of the semester, you will be contacted to assess your current level of Dutch, you will be provided order information for Contact! nieuw, and you will receive tuition payment information.

For questions about the Dutch languages classes, please send an email to info.debrugportland@gmail.com